A Brief History Of The Pump Industry

2000 Egyptions invent the shadoof
200 BC Ctesibus invents the reciprocating pump ; Archimedean screw pump described by Archimedes
1580 Sliding vane pump invented by Ramelli
1593 Service invents the gear pump
1650 Otto van Guericke invents his piston vacuum pump
1674 Sir Samuel Morland patents the packed pluger pump
1790 Plenty Ltd established - Thomas Simpson establishes his pump business in London
1815 Hayward Tyler established
1830 Screw pump invented by Revillion
1834 Sulzer Brothers founded
1840 Henry R Worthington invents the first direct-acting stream pump
1848 Goulds Pumps foundes
1851 John Gwynne patents his centrifugal pump improvements
1853 Boremann Pumpen founded
1857 Roper Pump Company founded
1859 Jacob Edson invents the first reciprocating stream pump
1860 Allweiler founded - A.S. Cameron invents the first reciprocating stream pump
1862 Lawrence Pumps established - Philipp Hilge founded
1866 Lederle founded
1868 Sigma Lutin founded
1871 KSB established, Southern Cros established in Australia - George and James Weir set up the partnership that will become the Weir Group
1875 Hodgkin and Neuhaus, forerunner of SPP founded
1877 Ritz Pumpenfabrik established
1881 Halberg MA schienbau founded
1883 Holden & Brooke founded
1884 A W Chesterton founded
1888 Kirloskar Brothers Ltd founded
1890 Salmson starts making pumps in Paris
1893 Uraca Pumpenfabric founded
1894 Sero Pumpenfabric founded
1896 KSB opens UK subsidiary
1897 Worthington Pump Company and Thomos Simpson amalgamate to from Worthington Simpson Ltd.
1901 Flygts forerunner Stenberg founded
1905 Leistriz Company established
1906 Stuart Turner Ltd founded
1907 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produced its first pump
1909 Fristam Pumpen and Ernst Vogel founded - Ingersoll Rand enters the pump business by acquiring the Cameron Steam Pump Works
1910 Dickow Pumpen and Hitachi founded
1911 Jeans Nielsen builds the first Viking internal gear pump, founded the Viking Pump Company
1912 Ebara Corporation founded
1916 Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation acquire Worthington Simpson Ltd
1917 John Crane founded - Louis Berqeron invented the concrete volute pump and founded Bergeron S.A.
1918 Scanpump and CCM Sulzer founded
1919 Torishima Pump Mfg Co and Kawamoto Pump Mfg Co established
1920 Bombas Itur Werner Pumpen and SIHI established
1921 Labour founded
1923 Peerless founded
1924 Leistritz starts making screw pumps - Rheinhuette starts pump production
1927 Edur Pumpenfabrik founded
1928 Girdlestone Pumps founded
1929 Pleuger pioneers the submersible turbine pump motor - Stenberg and Flygt commence their cooperation
1930 Rene Moineau receives a dectorate for his thesis which will lead to the invention of the progressing cavity pump Ensival starts selling centrifugal pumps
1932 Sarlin Pumps founded - Bran + Luebbe founded
1933 Bush pump invented Gormann-Rupp established
1936 Robbins & Myers acquires North American license for the Moineau progressing cavity pump
Mono Pump Ltd formed to manufacture and distribute Moinequ's pump design in the UK
1937 Sigmund Pump Warman International founded
1940 Grindex founded
1941 Britsh Pump Manufacturers Association founded
1945 Grundfos Pumps, Caprari and Flexibox founded
1946 Cornell Pump, Klaus Union, Totton Pumps founded
1947 HMD Seal/Less Pumps established Hyundai founded
1948 Stenberg Flygt AB design the first submersible drainage pump, Varisco commences pump production
1949 HMD supplies its first production magnet-drive pump
1951 Tsurumi and Netzsch Mohnopumpen founded
1952 Lewa and Rovatti founded
1953 Nikkiso established
1955 Wilden and DMW Corporation established Borg-Warner acquires Byron Jackson
1956 Flygt introduces the submersible sewage pump
1957 Richter Chemie-Technik founded
1959 ABS and Calped FOUNDED
1960 David Brown Pump division formed
1961 Ingersoll-Rand acquires the Aldrich Pump Company
1962 Acromet commences operations
1965 Warren Rupp founded Sulzer acquires majority interest in Weise & Monski
1966 ITT acquires Jabsco
1967 Scienco founded
1968 Johnson Pump International founded Weir acquires Harland Engineering and ITT Corporation acquires Flygt
1970 Weir buys Drysdate ; Ingersoll-Rand buys Sigmund Pump Ltd (GB) in Gateshead, UK
1971 Sihi takes over Halberg Turbonsan founded
1972 Seepex Seeberger founded
1973 Crest Pumps Ltd founded
1976 Worthington acquires Sier-Bath Pump Division from Gilbarco
1977 Ingersoll-Rand buys Western Land Roller Irrigation Pumps ; Sterling Fluid System (TBG) buys Peerless Pump
1979 SPPacquires Godiva Fire pumps
1981 Red Jacket and Hydromatic merge to form Marley Pump. Sterling Fluid Systems takes a half share in SIHI
1982 Pump Pompes Pumpen is relaunched as World Pumps Magazine Biwater acquires W Allwin Pump
1984 Sihi buys the canned motor programme of Bran & Lubbe
1985 Dresser Industries acquires Worthington Simpson Ltd.
1986 KSB acquires Pompes Guinard Pentair acquires FE Myers Goulds Pumps acquires Lowara 
1987 Weir buys Mather and Platt MAchinery Sihi France buys Schabaver
1988 Idex Corporation founded Braithwaite acquires SPP and sells off Godiva Fire Pumps
1989 Scanpump acquires ABS TBG acquires SPP Ltd part of Sterling Fluid Systems
1990 Dresser Industries acquires Mono Pumps Ltd Ingersoll=Rand acquires Scienco Ltd, Watson-Marlow bought by Spirax-Sarco
1991 Index acquires Corken;Baker Hughes acquires Geho
1992 Ingersoll-Rand and Dresser Industries merge their pump business to form Ingersoll Dresser Pumps
Warman acquires Girdlestone Pumps ; Idex acquires Pulsafeeder and Johnson Pump (UK) Ltd ; Weir buys Floway ; BW/IP buys ACEC
1993 United Dominion acquires Marley Pump ; Vogel acquires Ochsner, Sterling Fluid Systems acquires Labour
1994 Weir acquires Enviro Tech Pumpsystem, Warman acquires Barrett Haentjens ; Idex acquires HAle Products ; Goulds acquires Vogel ; ITT buys Richter Chemie-Technik ; Sundstrand acquires HMD Seal/less Pumps
1995 BW/IP acquires the Wilson-Snyder centrifugal pump business from National Oilwell Durametallic acquires Pacseal and then is bought by Duriron
1996 Hayward Tyler sold by Sterling Fluid System, which buys the remaining half share in SIHI Grundfos acquires Interdab Pump Industry Analyst launched
1997 BW/IP acquires Stork Pump's engineered pumps business ; Johnson Pumps Durco and BW/IP merge to form Flowserve ITT Industries acquires Goulds ; Index acquires Blagdon Pumps ; Textron acquires Magg Pump System ; Spirax-Sarco acquires Bredel Pentair acquires General Signal's Pump Group ; Constellation Capital acquires Imo;
1998 Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon buys Wallwin Pumps from Biwater ; Textron buys David Brown Union Pumps ; Constellation Capital buys Allweiler, Glynwed acquires Friatec ; Sundstrand acquires Ansimag and Masco Weir buys Schabaver.