General Water Requirements
Purpose Requirements (In liters)
Rural areas, per head per day     60-100*
Towns with up 50,000 population, per head per  day  80-120*
Towns with more than 50,000 population, per head per  day  120-200*
Cattle, per head per day  60-80
Calves, pigs ,sheep, per head per day  10-20
Schools, per pupil per day  5-10
Hostels, per pupil per day  400-500
Hotels, per guest per day  100-150
Washing a private car  200-300
Washing a lorry  100-150
Per Bath including cleaning  300
Fire Hydrant, per second  10
Abattoirs, per large animals  300-400
Abattoirs, per calf  150-300
Market hall, per sq. meter per day  5
Laundries, per unit per day  1500
Laying of 1000 bricks, including preparation of mortar Concrete making, 1 cubic meter  125-150
Camps, per person per day  100
Barracks, per person per day  100-150
Swimming Pool, per bather  500

 Hourly peak requirement is assumed 15% more of the above quantities.